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Popular Books on Quitting Smoking.

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Unlike drinking, there is no known reason to ever smoke.  Totally quitting is the only goal one should have.

These books deal with smoking from various interpretations of why people smoke and how to quit.   Most of these books are written by people that have smoked and want to share with the world their personal views, experiences, and "know-how."   I have read considerable literature about quitting smoking, with mixed feelings.

Some authors are merely bragging, and think that they have discovered something unknown to the rest of the world.   Some try to coddle and be over-helpful.   Very few want to directly tell you how stupid you are for smoking, and that there are no acceptable excuses.  It is sheer stupidity, and once you program that into your mind, quitting becomes an irresistible urge, stronger than the urge to smoke.

I know what the turning point was for me:   It was jotting down the notes right after I got the idea to write Thanks To Smoking . . . (the book).   The very next day, I could no longer smoke in front of nonsmokers because I realized what was probably going through their minds.   That was just the beginning of a building urge that soon made me able to overcome the physical and mental urges created by a four-pack-a-day habit for 30 years.   And it really wasn't that hard.   I just kept thinking of new ways to describe how stupid I had been.

Facing the truth and being honest with yourself is more than enough power.   And if you weaken, just look at a smoker, especially if they are standing outside a building all alone.   It's really sad.

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